Last Christmas I was fortunate enough to receive a great gift, the Turtle Beach PX51.

I originally set it up for use with my PS3 and it blew me away. The setup was so simple and the sound quality so impressive that I didn’t even consider using it for anything else. This was very short sighted of myself.

I later connected the headset to my iPhone to be able to take phone calls while I was in the middle of playing GTA V or BF 3. Ha! I’ll be honest, it was so I could use voice chat with my friends while playing video games, but I digress. The setup and experience is a great one. The call quality is great and, best of all, my gaming experience didn’t change because the game audio continued to play in the background. The two integrated seamlessly.

Later on I thought I’d try it out as a headset with my computer. I connected with the included audio cable and again the audio was great. But I was a little disappointed I couldn’t use it with Team Speak.

So I thought I’d try connecting it over Bluetooth. I was the most shocked at the results, the sound quality was just as good as with the audio cable. For me, this changed everything. I started using it to listen to music while I was working on my home computer. I recently started taking it to work because isolation from the ambient noise is just as good, if not better, than my in ear Sennheiser Adidas CX680i ear buds.